Why Paymentez


We go above and beyond a normal payments platform. We give our customers the strategy they need to reach the users they are looking for, including marketing and users-awareness campaigns.

Since we started doing business in 2009 we have become the most efficient monetization platform in Latin America, processing micro-transactions for virtual goods and content.

Thanks to our platform’s success we reach a fast-growing population through the payment methods most accessible to them (see how it How It Works).

Why Latin America

Why Latin America

Latin America is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with Internet penetration growing exponentially every year.

With the virtual goods market in Latin America expected to reach US$624 million by 2014, there is a huge mostly untapped online market in the region.

By 2014 global ecommerce is expected to grow more than 90%. In Latin America that expectation is twice as big!!


Fast facts about Latin America:
Why Latin America
  • Internet population: 183M (40% of population).
  • Growing Internet penetration (28.8%+ average).
  • Growing economy (4% yearly).
  • 20% of Internet users have access to International credit cards.
  • Less than 20% of credit cards issued are accepted abroad.